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Why Sterling Silver is a good investment


Any precious metal, like gold, platinum or silver is valuable because it is precious or rare, and there are limited quantities of it available inside the earth’s crust. And when shined perfectly, all of these metals give off a glitter and shine. That is why people love using such precious metals to make jewelry which is very attractive to look at and also very durable. Attractive jewelry made from precious metals is also a subtle way to flaunt the wearer’s wealth.

But because precious metals like silver are rare, they are also looked upon as a sound investment, because their value is expected to increase with the passing of time. As an example, let us consider the price of pure silver in the last 20 years. Silver prices touched a peak of around $45 per ounce in 2011-2012, up from levels of $5 per ounce in 1999. Today silver prices are down to around $15 per ounce, but that is still a 200% increase over the prices two decades back.

You might ask whether the Sterling Silver of your silver jewelry also is such a good investment. Yes it is, but you must understand that certain metals are added to pure silver to produce Sterling Silver which is used to make jewelry, so Sterling Silver might not appreciate at the same rate as pure silver. But it is still more valuable than the silver used in making coins, which is called Coin Silver. To get the best value from your Sterling Silver jewelry, you need to melt the jewelry and separate the pure silver from copper and other added metals. You can redeem most of the value of your Sterling Silver jewelry this way because almost 92.5% of Sterling Silver is pure silver.

That is how Sterling Silver can help you look good with attractive jewelry, and also provide great value as an investment.